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Diana Stevan 01Someone once called me a Renaissance woman, because I changed occupations too much to be labelled easily. It’s true, I’ve tried a lot of different jobs. On Twitter, I describe myself as a Jill of all trades because I’ve worked as a family therapist, school psychologist, model, actress, teacher, a freelance writer broadcaster for CBC television’s Sports Journal, and more. It seems every few years, I re-invent myself. It’s not that I’m bored with life, rather it’s because I’m a very curious person. Writing, however, has been one constant in my life.

Though I’ve recently self-published my debut novel, A CRY FROM THE DEEP at an advanced age, I’m not a novice writer or a vanity one. I’ve been writing since my early twenties, privately. My nightstand is full of journals of travels, thoughts, and dreams. Unpublished stories and poetry sit on my computer awaiting my attention. Like many dreamers…

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