…the clock is ticking… the click is tocking… eleven days before the dearth…

Blogger and author, Seumas Gallacher is having a book launch for some newly renovated books and you are invited. Yes, YOU. Pop over to Seumas’s blog to find out more.

Seumas Gallacher

…yeez know that feeling yeez get when a shop in yer Main Street closes down for renovation?… it’s a bit like that… part of the sequence of events in my arrangements with new publishing partners, Crooked Cat Publishing, is the removal from the Great God Amazon of my Jack Calder crime thriller masterpieces whilst the good folks at Crooked Cat give them a makeover prior to relaunch… it has already happened with SAVAGE PAYBACK, which I alluded to yesterday…

launch SP

…that title will be back up on January 27th, and we’re having a launch party for that… everybody whose emb’dy’s coming to that one… Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s reply is expected shortly in the no-longer-Royal-Mail… Justin Beiber has, thankfully, other engagements that day, and won’t be making it… video contributions are winging in from a flurry of Presidents and Prime Ministers… Martin Scorsese’s people phoned asking if…

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