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Meet Author Ken Benton. He’s a guest on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog!

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KenwithFishWhen I’m fly-fishing from my kayak, several processes are running. Obviously, there’s the detox program which reboots my brain. Then there’s the spiritual thread as I marvel at the incomprehensible beauty of God’s creation. But a third process is also going – one of raw inspiration. The book I’m currently writing will find its greatest plot developments just after I’ve made a perfect cast. That’s usually when a fish bites, shattering my concentration.

Which is why I take pictures of my fish before releasing them. Sometimes I need to stare at the picture on my computer screen for extended periods before finally attaining a proper level of appreciation for the experience captured in the photo. Those are good moments. And they’ll bring back that critical story point I’d forgotten about by now. Thanks, fish.

Not that I’m always able to work the idea in the way it came to me…

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