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Fantastic guest post by DeAnna Ross. Please stop by Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog to read some of the excellent advice she has for aspiring authors.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Finding Success Doing What You Love
(It was an Apple IIe.)

The pale keys against my stubby fingers were cool and smooth. I looked in wonder at the greenish screen. My friend Pam was the luckiest girl in the whole world to have access to such a thing. Back then we were really into the TV Show Scarecrow & Mrs. King. We spent our days detailing out our own “Spy Central” and I can only hope now that we’re grown with kids of our own that our pinkie swear to never share the details of this special operation, has expired.

When she got the computer we talked about how it, added with our 110 cameras we’d earned from selling products in our school’s last fundraiser, and our ‘uncrackable secret code’ definitely gave us the intel gathering edge in the war against local gossips and troublemakers. From our headquarters (Pam’s…

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