Clash of Legends Official Release Date and Cover Reveal

One of my favorite series ever! I can’t wait to read this newest installment in Joleene Naylor’s Amaranthine series. If you haven’t started reading this series, you’re missing out.

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

Yes, it’s time to share the good news with the world, or with the twenty or thirty people who care. (Trust me, that’s an awesome number. I remember when it was six.)  At last, after months of waiting, there is an official release date for Clash of Legends, book 7 in the Amaranthine series:

March 31, 2015

No, it’s not on pre-order yet, but hopefully it will be by the end of the month. I have to check into Amazon’s new pre-order and see how it works, but it will definitely be available on Smashwords, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.

And now for something even more exciting. The eBook cover reveal:


For the five or six people who collect the paperbacks and want to know if there will be a hand drawn version, the answer is YES! The Collector’s Edition will feature a cover that matches the original paperbacks. (I am…

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