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Kate ThomsonTake a trip into my imaginary worlds – no passport, visa or vaccination requirements; all welcome, stay as long as you like.

I’ve never had any doubt that I was supposed to spend my life telling stories because I’ve always had people in my head narrating them. This isn’t sinister, Stephen King/M. Night Shyamalan The-Voices-Made-Me-Do-It territory, it’s just like having a play or a movie running permanently in my head. Any time “real” life isn’t commanding my attention I tune into my imaginary worlds and watch a scene while my characters argue or agree, encounter obstacles and wrestle with plot twists, then watch as it runs again with different motivations, or in a different time and place. Once I’m happy the scene is right, I write it down – and then have to wrangle with how to make what appears on paper match the performance in my head.

Fortunately, there’s…

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