More Valentine’s Day reading

Jane Dougherty has some book recommendations for us. Harriet Goodchild’s books are free today, so why not give them a try?

Jane Dougherty Writes

In the self-congratulatory Grá mo Chroí spree of the last week, lots of things have gone out the window. I don’t count housework or even real work. One of the important things that didn’t get done was posting my reviews of Harriet Goodchild’s short stories.
They are just as much a Valentine’s Day read as Grá mo Chroí and very much in the same broad style. Although they are set in a fantasy world that seems to me to be more vibrant than our own, Harriet’s stories are very firmly rooted in the world of Scottish folk ballads. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Have just been to get the links and find both these volumes are absolutely FREE! You’d have to be mad not to get your copy now!


I was lucky enough to be offered an ARC of these stories, and there is only one word to describe…

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