Jeremy (The Night Touched Chronicle) – Maegan Provan

Excellent review of Jeremy (The Night Touched Chronicles Book 2) by Maegan Provan. This series is a favorite of mine. If you’re a fan of vampires (of the non-sparkly variety), you might want to give this series a try. Visit Jo’s Book Reviews to read the review in full.

Jo's Random Book Reviews

The second in the Night Touched series bounces back and forth between the Night Touched Harper – a vampire who was turned by the Firs Born, Jeremy – the newest Night Touched, and Silas – a slayer sworn to destroy them both.
After Silas and Harper’s disastrous relationship in New York, they are both determined to move on. Harper and her family of vampires head to New Orleans to find the newest night touched. Meanwhile, Silas tries to win back the trust of his organization by hunting her and her friends – and using the priest Jeremy to do it. Little do they know they’re both being played.
In this book we get to see and hear more from Silas and begin to understand what made him who he is. Flashbacks reveal a new side; a vulnerable kind side that he has tried to suppress in an effort to uphold…

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