Interview with Stephanie Borkowski

Today, we have a very special guest. Stephanie Borkowski is an author, blogger, advocate, and friend. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview. 


Welcome, Stephanie. Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a Christian housewife who loves to stay home and take care of my family. I have three grown children, a step son and a wonderful husband along with two fur babies (cats) I love reading, writing, nature, music and I am fascinated with animals. I live in front of deep woods and very often get visited by them. You will find many of these animals in my up and coming books.  I am also an advocate for children and believe they have a voice. In the past I have started and ran several support/ play groups for families of special needs children. The areas I advocate for is special needs, abuse, literacy, faith, friendship among many.

When did you start writing? 

I started writing at a very young age. Reading and writing started around the same time for me. I found a love of books and that sparked my interest in writing. I used to write for several magazines. submitting to them poetry and short articles on Christian living. I also have written for several church newsletters. Each month I would write out a different devotional.  I enjoyed that journey and am glad it laid the foundation for my writing career.

What book are you working on right now? 
I am currently writing my first children’s book I have titled “Lemonade- The Golden Yellow Kitty.” it’s a great story about a sweet little kitty who goes on many adventures. She lives with her family who takes very good care of her.
How did you get the idea for the story?
I got the idea for the story in a dream one night while sleeping. I dreamt I owned a sweet golden yellow kitty that I named Lemonade. I thought about the dream for a few days and didn’t think much past that. It was just a happy dream. Until one day when I couldn’t get it out of my mind I realized I wanted to write a short story about her and submit it to a children’s magazine. I wrote out the 500 or so word story and had it edited by a friend of mine. When I got it back to correct I had planned to send it off a few days later. But I found myself reluctant to do so. I then realized Lemonade had an idea of her own she wanted me to tell her story in a book full of many adventures. While teaching values and advocacy along the way. 
Can you tell us about Books are Treasures?
Books are treasures is now both a group on Facebook and it is the name of my company. It started out in a neat way. I was watching YouTube videos and this one person was talking about books. I made a comment that books are treasures and the ideas started forming in my mind. I made the group first, I wasn’t sure how people would take it. As I know there are many, many groups out there. It’s a group for children’s and YA authors and their readers. A place to make friends, and grow in your craft as a writer. It has been growing steadily and I am very happy with the results. I feel the group is different than most because I try to each day put a prompt for conversation in there. I am welcoming to anyone sharing, asking questions and talking to one another. Its is a happy place to be.
What are your goals for the group and YouTube channel? 
My goals for the group is for it to continue to grow. That it will become a “popular” place for lack of better words. That writers and readers alike can go and rest, recharge and learn from one another. My goal for my YouTube channel is that it will also grow into a community of parents, children and authors. It’s a place where there is creativity, reading, books, crafting, advocacy and learning all in one place. As I have plans for a variety of videos.
What other projects or ideas are you working on right now? 
Thanks for asking, I seem to always have a project or two( or three) going at once. It’s the creative part of me. I am working on making a crafting corner for my channel where I will show parents crafts they can make with their children. with most things they have at home. I am also working on a video series called “The adventure of Tommy the bunny” he will be an advocate and voice for children. Those are  two of many projects right now. 
What other services do you offer to authors? 
I offer authors several services that can be found on my website under “Author Services” There is the free book reviews that I do for both children’s and YA authors. I write the review on my website, and I make the review into a video. I also offer Children’s picture book authors (for a small fee) a reading to you video. where I read the story in a video, add music and voice overs. It’s a great way for authors to promote their books in a different way. I plan to also do videos and blog posts. with some writing tips, prompts and other things to encourage them. 
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors and bloggers? 
My advice is to write from your heart. Don’t try to be like the next person. If you find a niche you just cant stop thinking about then go with that and write, write, write, and don’t stop dreaming.
A quote I wrote is- Just like the butterfly, God says I can choose the sweetest flower in the garden to land on….  
Connect with Stephanie at the following links:
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