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Kay Kauffman is a blogger, a poet, and an author. Her second poetry collection has been released recently. She’s guest posting on Avid Reader’s gorgeous blog. Please check it out.

Avid Reader

Kay guest blogging week

Hello, everybody!  I’d like to thank Fantasy Angel for graciously letting me talk books here on her lovely blog.  See, I love books.  Love. Them.  I love holding them, I love smelling them, I love reading them.  But most of all?  I love writing them.

I also love blogging.  I’ve been blogging in one place or another (if MySpace posts and Facebook Notes can be called such a thing) since sometime in 2007, but my journaling habit goes back to childhood.

When I started blogging, I had no idea what to write (kind of like in this post…), and I wondered whether anyone would read what I had to say.  But I was feeling fearless back in 2007, so I threw caution to the wind.  After a few introductory posts I’m quite certain no one read (and which have since been made private because they were awful), I published my…

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post, Tricia! 🙂


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