#Read NEW RELEASE – ‘The Green Woman’ by #Author Jane Dougherty – Now Available…

Jane Dougherty is on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog, talking about the release of The Green Woman Trilogy!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

JaneThank you Chris for letting me use your blog/soap box again. This time it is to announce the release today of The Green Woman. Yes, it is the same Green Woman as the trilogy I have already published, but this is a new edition, of all three books in a single volume.

The Green Woman was written eight years ago, but when I started to send it out to agents, I realised it was far too long. Chopping it into three easily digested segments wasn’t obvious since it’s a story with a number of threads to it, all running simultaneously. It isn’t a single main character’s story following a chronological time frame, more of an epic fresco (now doesn’t that sound beautifully pompous?) covering the downfall of a brutal theocracy, the rise of a horde from hell, the gathering of a host of legends, and the creation of the Garden…

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