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Another excellent guest post on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog. Meet #author Helen Yeomans!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Helen YeomansI’m enthralled with my SmartTV, which might at first glance give some idea of how generally gripping my life is. But first impressions can be wrong. My life is gripping—not because of the tv, or because I play golf and love gardening, but because I write novels, and when I’m in the throes of writing, life gets so exciting I can’t sleep.

I’m about to start a new book, and it may be a comedy set on a cruise ship—or not, time will tell. If it is a comedy set on a cruise ship it will mark a departure from my previous four novels.

I think I began writing fiction as a way of exploring questions that stuck in my mind during thirty years in business. So my first novel, Owen’s Day, is a romantic comedy about risk: why we take risks, why we’re taking fewer of them these…

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  1. Thanks for sharing Tricia 😀


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