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Julie Lawford 1Chris TSRA has been kind enough to feature posts from my blog on four occasions. Each time, I’ve looked at his Authors Hall of Fame Guidelines and thought I really want to do this. But then I’ve held back. You might understand why in a moment.

But I’ve taken the plunge and if you’re reading this, I guess my hesitancy was unwarranted; or perhaps my powers of persuasion are stronger than I imagined.

Like many would-be authors, I dreamed of earning at least part of my living from writing. That is, writing fiction. I’m already fortunate to be earning a respectable living from writing for business. In a sales and marketing career spanning (pause for a moment’s uncomfortable finger-counting) over 25 years, I’ve written every kind of commercial marketing material you care to imagine, from brochures and proposals to soundbites and straplines. I’ve been freelance since 2002 and…

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2 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Julie Lawford

  1. Hi Tricia – it’s very generous of you to share my Guest Author post from TSRA on Authors to Watch – thank you. I’m blushing even at the idea of being an Author to Watch! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the reblog Tricia 😀


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