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First book in an excellent series is FREE!!!

Jane Dougherty Writes

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The Dark Citadel cover for Amazon

She saw him in a dream long ago,
He heard her voice in his sleep,
She ran to meet him through the dark,
He waited years for the leaves to fall.
Red gold is the wind that catches her hair,
Strong and firm his hand in the wilderness.
Together, defying the red-eyed darkness,
Together, their paths run for a while.
Beyond the river where the earth is greening,
They fly with the weight of destiny
Bending the wings of their young shoulders.
The mother calls silently, palely, ghost-faint,
For her time is almost done,
And the terrible burden of the past,
The momentous visions of the future,
Flicker in the haze dancing about her face.
Horse wings beat the blue air,
Hooves pound the new grass growing,
And she…

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