Maria Savva -Reading Recommendation Revisited

Another great interview on Reading Recommendations!

Reading Recommendations

Maria Savva was previously featured on Reading Recommendations in Dec. 2013 and then returned with an update on a new novel in Mar. 2014. Maria is a tireless supporter and promoter not just of Authors but also of Musicians and Music as well. And all this time, since her first appearance here on my blog, Maria has continued to write and publish!


RRR: Since your first promotion on RR, what have you been doing?
MS: Since then, I’ve mainly been working on the second edition of my novel A Time to Tell. That book was originally published in 2006 before there were online self-publishing tools so readily available. I decided that I’d like to self-publish this one as well rather than continue with the small press who’d originally helped me get it published. As I was going to be releasing a second edition, I wanted to make sure…

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