Saturday Morning Coffee with Viv Drewa, Lord David Prosser and Edwina of Edwina’s Episodes

I love Sally’s new Saturday Morning Coffee series. Meet three very unique and talented writers. Grab a cup of coffee (or the beverage of your choice) and enjoy!

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Today’s theme for the coffee morning is kindness..

Welcome to this morning’s coffee with three guests who have added a huge dollop of kindness to my time as a blogger. Often mixed with humour and certainly in the case of one of them; a great many hugs.

You will notice that I often respond with a hug and this is largely down to Lord David Prosser’s influence and he is passionate about the power that this physical action and the virtual application can make a difference about how we view each other.

The action is not limited to us as humans and is used by other creatures to appease or to show affection. There is really nothing else more comforting and coming from a chocoholic that is saying something!

Kindness is defined as being an act of generosity, consideration and friendliness and although it is a good idea to be…

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