Here is my interview with Ryter Rong


Name: Ryter Rong

Age: 46

Where are you from: I live in Los Angeles, California

A little about your self `ie your education Family life etc :

I grew up in Mesquite, Texas.  My grandmother asked me to look into our family history and try to find our Native American heritage.  I did genealogy for over twenty years and there didn’t seem to be any Native American heritage.  The further I delved, the more I realized we had almost everything else in us, but not Native American.  I ordered DNA testing through and my results came back.  Based on my results and the things I have found in libraries and online about my family history, I decided to write historical fiction books.  I based them loosely on my own family history.  And the tests proved that there is no Native American in my heritage.  There was a mixture of many things.  My book that came out June 2015…

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