They Write The Books – Joleene Naylor

Excellent interview with Joleene Naylor!


Remember last week when I wrote about reading the Amaranthine series that I’ve been gorging myself on since August? Yeah, you remember. This may be the writer in me talking, but I always like to know a little about the person who wrote the story I so admired. And with this being an *amazing* age of technology, now we have the ability to do so 🙂

May I present the first installment of “They Write the Books,” featuring the Amaranthine series author Joleene Naylor:

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Joleene Naylor (like someone who nails, only spelled different.) I write, I draw, and I make lame jokes. Or I try. Sometimes they’re so lame they’re not even jokes anymore. I live in Villisca, Iowa – home of the unsolved axe murder – with my hubby, a bunch of family, cats, dogs, and turtles. For fun I like…

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