Island in the Clouds – a review

A fantastic review of Island in the Clouds by Susan M. Toy.

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I’m going to start the review ball rolling on this new blog with a review of my own novel, because I received exactly the type of review I hope other Readers will feel encouraged to write and post here. The reviewer in this case was unknown to me previously, although we were connected by having attended the same high school. We’ve never met in person. He wasn’t sure exactly how he first discovered my book (although he thinks it’s likely he heard of it because of that high school connection) but he did buy and read the book – read it twice, in fact! – and when we met up the other evening on Facebook, after he made a kind comment about the book, he offered to write a review. So, with his permission, here’s the review he submitted as the inaugural post on this blog. I hope it encourages…

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