Victim of Love by Christa Maurice

Let’s shine a spotlight on another participating book in the Holiday Book Bonanza:

Victim of Love

(Rock and Roll State of Mind, Book 1)

By Christa Maurice


Rick Lincoln, bassist for SendDown, was just looking for something to occupy himself during recording when he spotted Tara on the beach. By the way she was waving off hopefuls, she wasn’t a hooker and based on the book in her hands she spoke English. Two points in her favor between sessions in Brazil.

Tara Feingold just wanted to warm up on break from her teaching job in Chile. Rick was very warm. Hot even. It just kept getting hotter when he took her back to the house the band was staying and the other members of the band decided they needed to scare her off with debauchery.

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About the Author:

Christa Maurice is a serial obsessionist, but she has been obsessed with rock stars since early childhood when her older brother started randomly quizzing her on rock trivia. How many first graders know who the headliners were on the Black and Blue Tour? Christa did. (Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult.) In college she harnessed that intellect to spend lecture classes writing about the adventures of Touchstone in the margins of her notebooks. Now, thanks to an iPad, she can do the same thing more effectively during staff meetings and everybody thinks she’s taking notes.

When not listening to music and/or writing, she enjoys reading and science fiction. She also enjoys traveling and has walked in Indiana Jones footsteps’ in Petra and Venice, washed the sand of Star Wars out of her hair and visited the American Embassy in Manila where Arnel Pineda got his visa to sing for Journey. Someday she’s going to go to Vancouver to visit shooting locations for The X-Files,Stargate, and Supernatural.


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