Authors … want to be promoted on RR?

Wise words from a top-notch blogger. If you are looking for promotion for you and your book on one of Susan’s blogs, or on ANY blog, follow this advice.

Reading Recommendations

It’s really quite simple … read the instructions on my About Page!


If you are an author who has checked the alphabetical listings (above) and been disappointed because your name was NOT among the authors I’ve promoted – and I know there have been quite a few of you lately – you might want to first read the “About” page and find out exactly how to be considered for future promotions. DON’T post a “witty” comment about your absence and desire to be part of this blog in the future. (Comments like that will be deleted.) DO make me notice you – first, by writing a great book and second, by following the instructions as to how to get my attention. Even though this site is closed to unsolicited submissions, the very intuitive and astute among you will realize that it’s really quite simple to be included and promoted…

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  1. Thought you might like this one 😉 Thanks for reblogging, Tricia!


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