The Road to Atlantis – a review

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The Road to Atlantis
by Leo Brent Robillard

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A Heartfelt Read

The Road to Atlantis intrigued me when I read about it on Susan Toy’s Reading Recommendations blog, and it didn’t disappoint. The Road to Atlantis tells the story of an ordinary family dealing with an extraordinary loss. In the aftermath, each character takes a different path in search of a new equilibrium.

Characters are the heart of this story, and the author has done a masterful job creating seemingly simple characters who are anything but. Robillard effectively drags the reader on a painful trek through the prickly brambles of grief. Robillard manages to draw out emotions using language so subtle, I found myself searching for how he did it.

The Road to Atlantis would appeal to readers interested in exploring the human condition.

J.P. McLean
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