New Contest and Rewrite Update

Big news from one of my favorite authors plus a new contest to enter!

Maegan Provan, Author

I want to first apologize for being so quiet as of late. My husband and I moved, and we now have to move again. Long story, but we got approved for our new apartment and we should be all set up by next week. I am not in school any more, because I have decided that the route I was going was not for me. I love writing, I love books, and I was missing out on a lot of that while in school. So rather than kill myself over something that is not want I want to do with my life, I am stepping away and going back to focusing more on what I want to do. I did get a job with Barnes and Noble, and it is the best. Not only do I get to be surrounded by books, I get to see how the brick and…

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