Book Review | Abomination by Jane Dougherty

Check out this review of Jane Dougherty’s latest release! This is a book I’m adding to my reading list. Don’t miss out!


Book Review | Abomination by Jane Dougherty Book Review | Abomination by Jane Dougherty

So I read this book last week. It’s called Abomination and its written by author and blogger Jane Dougherty. Now, before I go any further, you need to know something; we may never have met in the flesh, but Jane and I are friends. Gasp! I know, how can that be? Even worse, we actually wrote a book together. So of course I’m going to be fawning all over her new offering, right?

Wrong. I do my best to write my reviews with integrity and honesty.

I may be an author who is friendly with other authors, but despite this fact, and in spite of what Amazon thinks, it is still possible to write a review honestly and truthfully.

Now the likelihood is, because I know the author, and we have read each others books, and even co-authored a book, there…

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