Escape From B-Movie Hell – a review

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Escape From B-Movie Hell
by M T McGuire

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After reading the K’Barthan Series, I was interested to see what McGuire would do in a different environment and with new characters.

Escape is for the most part, a light read, and, as to be expected, contains some fine humour and excellent characters, which are one of McGuire’s strengths. Anyone who can make crustacean aliens who drip ‘marmite-scented goo’ attractive, does a great line in character-building. As ever, she excels herself on the baddies.

Good to see a female heroine, a London student, who finds her own type of Narnia in space that comes to her, although like all Narnias, or even Alice in Wonderland, nothing goes as planned, or can be predicted.

McGuire writes very visually, and reading the book, I could easily imagine the spaceship, the aliens, even the space-walking.

Readers who enjoyed the K’Barthan Series

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