Review: Conor Kelly and the Lost Treasure of Eirean

Myths of the Mirror

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If you’ve read my bio, you know that it was Tolkien’s fantasy worlds that awakened my love of reading. It doesn’t surprise me that fantasy taps out on my laptop or lines my bookshelves. Now, with a grandson, I’m eager for him to experience that same spark. I want to awaken in him a love of fantasy. I have to wait a few years, but I found just the book.

61Y87-+53gL._UX250_If anyone follows Ali Isaac’s blog, you’ll know she’s the Guardian of Irish Mythology. In all likelihood, you’ve already discovered a magical portal into the world of Irish lore. She writes in such a way that my permeable boundary between what’s historical and fantastical further blurs; I’m swept up in the magical reality of old races and parallel worlds. Why not?

While on vacation, I read Isaac’s fabulous book:Conor Kelly and the Lost…

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