An Interview with Author Shehanne Moore on Writing and the Vikings

Very enjoyable interview!

Poetic Parfait

Today seems like the perfect day for an interview about writing, publishing, and Vikings. Yes, Vikings. I just set the coffee table with two teacups and am about to pour tea for my guest, whom you might already know.

I’m speaking of author Shehanne Moore, whose blog I have followed for some time now and thoroughly enjoy reading (the hamsters that frequent her blog will be here soon). If you want to join us, I can add another teacup. Sit here with us and listen in for what promises to be a compelling chat that includes discussion of her book The Viking and the Courtesan. Did I mention Shehanne writes historical fiction? Ahem, she does, and her wonderful wit is overflowing on this sunny spring day.

Hi Shehanne! How about we start by learning more about you and your writing background?

Well, my bio will tell you I’m Scottish. I live on the…

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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Author Shehanne Moore on Writing and the Vikings

  1. Tricia, thank you so much for this. Greatly appreciated x

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  2. Thank you kindly, Tricia! ♥

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