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Excellent interview with Joleene Naylor!

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1)     What/who were your inspirations for the Amaranthine series?

Lots of anime, ha ha! Seriously though, I was reading the first few Anita Blake books at the time I started Shades of Gray (You can blame Patrick’s grisly death on her and all the gleaming spinal columns). Mainly I was fed up with the books/shows/movies where some plain Jane nobody woman meets a vampire, instantly believes in vampires (sorry, it would take a lot more evidence for me then someone with pointy teeth), and then becomes a kick ass warrior woman overnight (it just doesn’t work that way) so I was determined to try to be a bit more realistic (I mean, you can’t be 100% realistic and have the word “vampire” involved), so I wanted it to take Katelina time to accept the vampires, and time to turn into a kick ass fighter, and all of that. And when…

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