An Interview with Poet Christy Birmingham

A wonderful interview with Poet Christy Birmingham!

Artistry With Words


I told you I was going to try and post one blog per week and by golly, so far I’m doing it.  Coincidentally, I’m busier than I’ve ever been, but I’m determined to get this blog out once a week and, well, here I am again, invading your privacy and demanding attention, like that obnoxious little kid at school who wouldn’t leave you alone, him in 2nd grade, you in 5th, and all you want to do is play soccer with your friends, but the little kid keeps tugging on your pants, demanding you play with him….sheez…leave me alone, kid, you scream, but it does no good and here he is again….

I think we better move on to a quote so I can catch my breath….and after the quote, we have a new interview with one of my favorite…

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One thought on “An Interview with Poet Christy Birmingham

  1. Thank you kindly for the reblog! It was a great experience being interviewed by Bill 🙂


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