Versions of the Self: A Review

Today is the second day of National Poetry Writing Month, and to honor poetry and poets, I am going to review Versions of the Self by Christy Birmingham.

version of the self

Imagine a shift to the way you see the world that arises through poetic narration.

Imagine the world, at its base level, is a collection of selves. These selves collide, disperse, intermingle, and share themselves in lines of free verse. Such is the premise of Versions of the Self, poetry that assumes multiple types of selves exist and relate in ways that alter them. Each of the eight chapters looks at a different type of self, including the singular “I” and romantic interactions. These unique 80 poems definitely color themselves outside of the lines.

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My Review: Versions of the Self is a collection of poetry that inspires and enthralls. Each thought-provoking piece is one to be savored. A variety of topics are explored, from nature (Painted Mountains) to simple pleasures (A Sundae Type of Day), from love to heartbreak. Ultimately, this collection is about relationships in all its forms. Christy Birmingham delves deep into the bonds of family (Tender Hands) and friendship, and she also examines the many ways love can go wrong (and right). But the most important relationship she writes about is the relationship we have with ourselves, or more specifically, with the many versions of ourselves that reside within us.

I have so many favorites within the pages of this book. In “Equality and Vision,” Christy honors women from our past, present, and future. Beautifully and delicately woven, “Introspection and Suffocation” resonated with me for many reasons. “Beauty, In Pursuit” examines our society’s relationship with trends and obsession with outer beauty. I could go on and on.

If you love poetry, or if you are interested in branching out and reading more poetry, I would highly recommend this book.

My Rating:  5 star

About the Author: Christy Birmingham is a freelance writer in Victoria, BC, who has a BA in Psychology and has taken professional writing courses at the University of Victoria. She is the author of Pathways to Illumination (Redmund Productions, 2013), her first poetry book. Her work also appears in the Poetry Institute of Canada’s From the Cerulean Sea: An Anthology of Verse (2013) and the literary journals The Claremont Review and Tipton Poetry Journal.

Connect with Christy Birmingham:

Poetic Parfait (Website)  |  Amazon  |  Twitter


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32 thoughts on “Versions of the Self: A Review

  1. Reblogged this on Creative State of Mind and commented:

    A poetry book review for NaPoWriMo!

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  2. Thank you, Tricia! I treasure this review because it delves beneath the surface to pick out the main themes of the book. So nice also to read which ones were your favorite poems ♥

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  3. Reblogged this on Poetic Parfait and commented:
    A new book review for Versions of the Self was posted today by Tricia Drammeh on the Authors to Watch blog. To have my book chosen as one of the posts there during National Poetry Writing Month is such a pleasant surprise!

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  4. I’m delighted to see my favorite poet featured here. Congrats Christy. Hugs all around.

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  5. Congrats, Christy! You are so deserving of this beautiful review. Hugs.

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  6. A wonderful review, Tricia! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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  7. Colorful cover!

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  8. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

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  9. Great feature and great review…well deserved Christy!!

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  10. Excellent review, Christy. Congratulations. I’m happy to see your talents recognized. ❤

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  11. Christy’s poems are all that you have said and more.. 🙂 A wonderful review and so deserving.. xx Sue

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  12. Huge thank you to everyone who has commented, shared, or read this review. I so appreciate every single one of you!

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  13. I love this – on so many levels! Go, Christy, go! Wonderful review, nice to be here and I’m thrilled at this. Yay!


  14. What a gorgeous review, describing all the colors and nuances within this book of poetry. High fiving Christy!

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  15. Congratulations, Christy!

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  16. I like how you have many different selves, ones you have reflected in your poems, Christy. 🙂 xo


  17. A wonderful review of Christy’s poetry.


  18. I’m so glad you loved it! You’ve made me want to read her poetry all over again.


  19. tessa

    Christy’s poetry deserves to be ranked with the best. She puts her self (hence the title of this book), heart and emotion in every line she writes. She is truly a gifted poet! Congrats well deserved.


  20. Congratulations Christy, it is a truly wonderful book and a definite keepsake to refer to time and time again, this was my review
    just incase the link fails this is what I said –

    “A beautiful collection of poems”

    I read and re-read a lot of the poems, deep and meaningful poetry from start to finish. Christy shows you a different way to relate to her poetry and I went through an emotional and uplifting journey my favourites being “Tender Hands” and “As we walk together” they really touched me. I found myself sailing through the pages before I knew it the book was over. Thank you Christy, a fabulous read that I will definitely keep and your words will stay with me.

    Big hugs Christy
    love Jennifer x x x


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