Here is my interview with JT (Janni) Styles

A fascinating in-depth interview with Janni Styles on Fiona’s fabulous blog!


Name JT (Janni) Styles

Age Old enough to know better but still learning 😉

Where are you from

Born in Ontario, Canada, I am now a west coast home girl living near Vancouver BC in Canada. My education, like my life and writing, is eclectic from a Creative Writing Diploma to an Interior Design Diploma, a BA in English Literature, Lay counsellor training for providing services at the Rape and Sexual Assault Centre, and more as listed on my welcome page in my blog. My family consists of nine siblings but only two or three are ever talking to each other lol I am not among those, I think “not talking” to people is a sure sign of a person’s inability to mature and foster healthy relationships. Those I am in contact with love me sincerely, never stop talking to me and that is good enough for me.

Fiona: Tell…

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  1. I’m so glad you reblogged this one as I might not have found it otherwise! Janni is like a sister to me xx

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