Cover Reveal for My Upcoming Book Versions of the Self

Cover Reveal for Christy Birmingham’s upcoming release. So excited!!!

Poetic Parfait

OH yes! It’s nearly time for the launch of Versions of the Self.

I can hardly contain myself in sharing with you the book cover for the first time publicly! I will be offering the book in BOTH Kindle and hardcover versions.

Here it is, the front cover for my next poetry book:

Poetry Book Cover Versions of the Self Book Cover of Versions of the Self. My next poetry book! Photo: ©2015 Christy Birmingham

I am so pleased with the way it turned out. Thank you to the designers who have helped me. I began by selecting a premade cover by designer Betibup33 of The Book Cover Designer. The paintbrush caught my eye as it relates to the creations (painting) of the self within the book. Such a unique

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Amy M. Reade

Reading Recommendations

2013 1548Amy M. Reade

What is your latest release and what genre is it? My latest book, The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor, is being released today, April 28, 2015. It is a novel of romantic suspense.

Quick description: Peppernell Manor, an antebellum plantation on the banks of the Ashley River near Charleston, South Carolina, has seen better days. But when its owner hires restoration specialist Carleigh Warner to oversee its return to grandeur, disagreements over the property’s future threaten to tear the Peppernell family apart. Carleigh is swept unwittingly into a whorl of secrets and betrayals that she must face in order to protect her future and that of her young daughter.

The Ghosts of Peppernell Manor_ebook cover

Brief biography:
After deciding that the practice of law was not as thrilling as she thought it would be, Amy found her passion in writing. Her first novel, Secrets of Hallstead House, was published in 2014…

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“Bully Me” Book

This article touched my heart. The author talks about bullying and how victims often feel shame. Embarrassment and reluctance to talk about bullying empowers the bullies. We’ve got to talk about this. If you’ve been bullied, speak out. If you’ve bullied, there is nothing to be ashamed about. It doesn’t make you weak. Bullying can happen to anyone.

I applaud Paul for sharing his story. I hope he writes this book because it could help so many. Please visit the original blog post and leave a comment for Paul. He is looking for feedback and opinions on his proposed book.

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Celebrate “EARTH DAY” with a FREE Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Monarch Butterfly eBook from Bette A. Stevens

Great way to celebrate Earth Day!

Bette A. Stevens, Maine Author

DOWNLOAD your FREE copy of AMAZING MATILDA, the award-winning monarch butterfly picture book at YOUR AMAZON

AM EARTH DAY promoAMAZING MATILDA by Bette A. Stevens: Award-winning picture book adventure follows a monarch butterfly through her life cycle and teaches kids important life lessons along the way!

Please share this post…

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷMonarch butterflies are a threatened species. The Center for Biological Diversity and the Center for Food Safety filed a legal petition requesting Endangered Species Act protection for the monarch and its habitat.

Picture Book Summary:

AMAZING MATILDA (Ages 4-11 + grownups love it too) Friendship, patience and persistence are among the lessons learned in this gem of a tale featuring an amazing monarch butterfly. This award-winning picture book adventure follows the monarch’s life cycle as Matilda embarks on a quest to make her dream of flying come true. Matilda emerges from her egg on a milkweed leaf, she stretches and yawns…

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The Sunday Show – Defining Moments with Sue Vincent

Sue Vincent is the featured author on Smorgasbord-Variety is the Spice of Life. Please visit this excellent blog to learn about Sue’s defining moments.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

My multi-talented guest today exudes calm and passion in equal abundance and I was delighted when Sue Vincent accepted my invitation to share her Defining Moments. During my research I came across some incredible interviews packed with information so today I am going give you a brief introduction to Sue’s life and work and then focus on what she considers those key times that impacted the direction her life was taking at the time.

Sue’s life has not all been plain sailing and in fact there have been times when tragedy and life’s events have resulted in a complete rethink in both lifestyle and location. It is clear however that these events also according to Sue, changed her outlook for the better and that love and laughter thrived.

We often joke about the North/South divide in the UK but Sue has experienced that for herself. Having made the choice…

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#Read NEW RELEASE – ‘The Green Woman’ by #Author Jane Dougherty – Now Available…

Jane Dougherty is on Chris the Story Reading Ape’s blog, talking about the release of The Green Woman Trilogy!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

JaneThank you Chris for letting me use your blog/soap box again. This time it is to announce the release today of The Green Woman. Yes, it is the same Green Woman as the trilogy I have already published, but this is a new edition, of all three books in a single volume.

The Green Woman was written eight years ago, but when I started to send it out to agents, I realised it was far too long. Chopping it into three easily digested segments wasn’t obvious since it’s a story with a number of threads to it, all running simultaneously. It isn’t a single main character’s story following a chronological time frame, more of an epic fresco (now doesn’t that sound beautifully pompous?) covering the downfall of a brutal theocracy, the rise of a horde from hell, the gathering of a host of legends, and the creation of the Garden…

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Authors in the Sun – Aphrodite’s Rock by Ali Isaac

Please check out this excellent short story by Ali Isaac.

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Absolutely delighted to welcome author Ali Isaac and her short story Aphrodite’s Rock that she has written specifically for Authors in the Sun. You can find out more about Ali and her books and blog at the end of the story. Enjoy the sunshine……


Aphrodite’s Rock

“It’s just as splendid as I remember,” she says with a sigh, a rare smile playing on her lips. “Thank you. I never thought I’d see it again.”

I gaze at the rock; although the sea is calm, water foams and gnaws at its base. Here, they say, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love was born, and the magic of the moment is so intense, I half believe it.

The evening sun bathes the scene in soft gold, and we hang there between sea and sky, crying gulls and the ocean’s soft murmur filling our ears as we rock in our cradle-like boat, and drift with…

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The Green Woman has arrived—in one piece!

It’s exciting to see one of my all-time favorite trilogies in one piece. You can pre-order this money saving collection now.

Jane Dougherty Writes

The Green Woman trilogy is now available for pre-order at

Amazon UK

Amazon US

The price is a mere $3.99 but the three volumes are available separately and you can get the first volume, The Dark Citadel for 99c.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

I can’t really do much more apart from offering to go round and read it to you.

Please reblog, tweet, and spread the word. The weather is glorious—what better way to spend a hot spring day than under a tree reading a big fat book?

Here’s the cover


And here’s the new blurb.

She is the light in the darkness, the fiery beacon, but the world’s fate seems such a little thing when the light in her heart is dead.

Among the ashes of the world, a lone city cowers in fear and ignorance. A light breaks the darkness, the spark that will kindle the greening of…

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‘Legends of Windemere: Sleeper of the Wildwood Fugue’ is LIVE…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

LIVE on Amazon Kindle!

Art by Jason Pedersen Art by Jason Pedersen

The final champion stirs and reaches out to any who can hear her voice. Yet all who heed her call will disappear into the misty fugue.

Awakening their new ally is only the beginning as Luke, Nyx, and their friends head south to the desert city of Bor’daruk. Hunting for another temple once used to seal Baron Kernaghan, they are unaware that the game of destiny has changed. Out for blood and pain, Stephen is determined to make Luke wish he’d never set out to become a hero.

By the time the sun sets on Bor’daruk, minds will be shattered and the champions’ lives will be changed forever.

Don’t forget to mark it as ‘To Read’ on Goodreads too!

Charles E. Yallowitz Charles E. Yallowitz

About the Author:

Charles Yallowitz was born and raised on Long Island…

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Blogging A Book – Guest Post

Kay Kauffman is a blogger, a poet, and an author. Her second poetry collection has been released recently. She’s guest posting on Avid Reader’s gorgeous blog. Please check it out.

Avid Reader

Kay guest blogging week

Hello, everybody!  I’d like to thank Fantasy Angel for graciously letting me talk books here on her lovely blog.  See, I love books.  Love. Them.  I love holding them, I love smelling them, I love reading them.  But most of all?  I love writing them.

I also love blogging.  I’ve been blogging in one place or another (if MySpace posts and Facebook Notes can be called such a thing) since sometime in 2007, but my journaling habit goes back to childhood.

When I started blogging, I had no idea what to write (kind of like in this post…), and I wondered whether anyone would read what I had to say.  But I was feeling fearless back in 2007, so I threw caution to the wind.  After a few introductory posts I’m quite certain no one read (and which have since been made private because they were awful), I published my…

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