Book of the Day: Death is Not the End, Daddy

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John Doe

John Doe is a killer. Fourteen children in the last twenty six years. Teddy tells him to and he listens. He has to listen. He is parked across the street from the elementary school in Payne, North Dakota, waiting for Teddy to tell him the name of the next child. He hasn’t yet, but he will…

Matthew Mills

God is good. It’s the only truth Matthew Mills needs. But, pain is still pain. It has only been a week since his wife had her second miscarriage in the last three years. She has become a shell of who she was. Only his daughter Marcy is a light in his life.

What would happen if she was taken away?

“A revolutionary piece of fiction that expands far beyond the Christian market.”
-Clover Hogan (Smashwords Review)

“An incredible work of art.”
-M.J. Elliott (Smashwords Review)

“By far the book I’ve ever read.”
-Amit Sharma (Smashwords Review)


John Doe

I don’t remember much before Teddy, but I do remember the laced leggings I found in the backseat of dad’s Buick. They weren’t mom’s. She was already sick by that time. Sick and dying. But, he was out sticking his piece in someone else…

He stuck his piece in me, too. That was the day Teddy came into my life. He wasn’t just my faded brown bear anymore. He was Teddy. He understood the pain of watching mom die; he understood the hate growing in me after daddy stuck his piece in me. He helped it grow.

Even before mom died, Teddy told me daddy didn’t deserve to live. At her funeral, he cried. The fake! Those tears attracted someone else, who he stuck his piece in later that night.

After mom died, I only had Teddy. He has never spoken in the way a person does. But, he does talk. His voice is constantly in my head. The bear just sits. And when I look into his eyes, I see blood. Lots of it. Blood and pain. I fill with tingles. Teddy says that’s as normal as the hatred I still feel for daddy. Sometimes I question it, though. And sometimes, Teddy gives me horrible nosebleeds, where my eyes feel ready to pop.

Teddy told me to come to Payne, North Dakota, and park across the street from the elementary school. He hasn’t given me the name of the next child yet. But, he will. He always does. My identity is what Teddy tells me to be. When I question it, he makes the blood I see in my head come out of me. He told me to kill daddy. With mom gone, there was no one else. It was just Teddy. Daddy didn’t even say a word to me anymore. He was gone most of the time. And when he was home, he scared me.

Teddy promised me that it would help. I listened. He was only protecting me. Teddy told me when to kill him, and what to use. There was blood. Lots of it.

Matthew Mills

God is good. It is the only truth I need. It has kept me afloat through my wife’s second miscarriage in three years. But, pain is still pain. It’s only been a week since she lost the baby.

Sometimes I wonder how Job felt when everything was taken from him. He made it through and came out a better person. The Lord uses pain to mold us—

I worry about my wife. The light has left her eyes. She used to profess her faith. Now it seems like she is drowning, and no matter how much scripture I read, the light doesn’t return. I am the pillar of this house. The Lord gave me that job, and I will stand even as everything else crumbles around me.

The devil has filled my head with thoughts of suicide. He tries to convince me that the razors from her shaver will be the death of her. He tells me to leave the bathroom door open when she showers, just in case. And I do, just in case. There is weakness in me. I’m not afraid of the enemy. My victory is through Jesus Christ. But, sometimes I fear her death is in His plan. Anyone who tries to tell me He would never allow that, I refer them to Job. The Lord takes away, sometimes for reasons we can’t understand.

My bible is out; the highlighter has already run across a few Proverbs, and a comforting piece in John. I have found quite a few verses that reassure me of my place in Him. I believe I have two sons in heaven.

I cling onto my Marcy. She is eight and a bundle of silly and sweet. I feed her the Lord daily. And His light shines from her in every way. I love her more than I thought possible. She is my little princess, and I try my hardest to make her feel that way, especially now that Janet has shut down…

Something is stirring tonight. I can feel fear trying to slip into my house. It’s trying to claw up the back of me, and enter through the front. I have a job to do tonight. My bible is highlighted on mostly every page. If a battle is coming, then I will win, because greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. I am the pillar, and I can feel the pieces beginning to crumble. Help me stand tall, Lord. Help me stand tall.


Death is Not the End, Daddy is currently available for FREE download at the following retailers:


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Slow Burn: A Sexy Spy Thriller by Sascha Illyvich


Tempting secrets of an angel

Seductive mysteries of the beast

Derrick, a former spy, has been asked to protect the sultry Sonja, a death metal singer whose magical voice grabs him by the balls and won’t let go. He’ll protect her, all right…with every part of his body tight against hers.

Sonja uses her voice to purge her fans of their darkness, their hate and hopelessness. But evil forces want to use her magic for their own ends. All she wants, at this point, is safety for herself and her band.

When Derrick and Sonja team up, Sonja does her best to resist the lure of safety he represents, until a radical league that wants her dead propels her into his arms. Will his help be enough? Or will she lose her heart to him, only to be killed in the process of saving the world?

Buy the book on Amazon!

Learn more about Sascha Illyvich by connecting with him at the following links:

Sascha Illyvich
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No Good Deed: Book Review

No Good Deed by Tim Baker

Kurt’s life is moving in the right direction for a change and he wants to keep it that way.

Al Godfrey has found the ticket that will save him from another winter on the streets of Atlantic City.

Candy’s boyfriend was murdered in a hotel bathroom and she needs answers to some strange questions.

Howard is a two bit Florida con-man looking for the next score.

All four of them are about to become linked in a bizarre hunt for two million in missing mob money.

good deed


My Review: When Al finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, his fortune suddenly changes. From living on the cold streets to living it up in Florida, Al is about to hit it big. He enlists the help of his new friend, Howard, but will he regret it? Kurt has hit rock bottom in the past, but he’s on his way to living a respectable and meaningful life. He’s made a choice to do the right thing, but will his new philosophy get him in trouble? When he meets Candy, a woman on a mission to discover her late boyfriend’s secrets, Kurt finds himself caught up in a situation that quickly spirals out of control.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the fast-paced plot to the well-drawn characters, No Good Deed was a book that kept my interest. In Al, Kurt, and Candy, the author has given us characters we can root for. Though most of us have never shared their experiences or faced the challenges they’re facing, the author has made them easy to relate to. The plot was tight, without a single hole I could find, and it’s obvious the author really did his research with this book. I’d recommend it to anyone.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy the book on Amazon

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Interview with Terry Compton

Today’s guest is Terry Compton, contributor to the fantasy/horror anthology, Strange Portals. You can read Terry’s short story, A Leprechaun’s Gift, for free on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?The Leprechaun's Gift

I was raised in SW Missouri.  I came to Montana in the Air Force and stuck around for the last forty-eight years.  I spent fourteen of those years in the Air National Guard.  I now own my own business where I make ornamental iron gates and railings.  I also install gate operators.  I like hunting and fishing and in the past drove my own stock car at the local track.  I have a few trophies sitting on my computer desk from that including one I didn’t really want to earn.  It was for the worst crash of the year.  Another driver clipped the back of my car and sent me into the wall.  I wound up upside down sliding down the track with most of the rest of the field coming up on me.  No one hit me but…  My wife of forty-eight years lives with me and a small dog who thinks she’s a short furry people.

When did you begin writing?

I started in 2009.  A friend of mine bought a sail boat down in Texas.  He spent a couple of years fixing it up then decided to sail across the Gulf of Mexico and up the inner-coastal waterway from Florida to close to Washington, DC.  He started writing short descriptions of his journey.  That triggered an idea in my head.  I’d had ideas about a couple of novels but never could get a good outline and character study done.  I sat down in May of 2009 with a beginning of a story and let the characters lead me.  In November, I published that first story.  I have over thirty short stories and novels published now.

strange portalsCan you tell us about your story (or stories) in the anthology, Strange PortalsWhat inspired you to write it?

My story in Strange Portals is about a leprechaun living in Montana.  My granddaughter was going through some rough times with friends.  Her complaints triggered an idea.  It wound up as the Leprechaun’s Gift.  Sometimes true friendship can be worth more than imaginary gold.

Please tell us about your other published work.

I write pretty much what pops in my head.  I have two different western series, two sci-fi series, a fantasy series and a stand-alone romantic mystery.  There’s a couple of thrillers in there and some spoofs of politics and everyday life.

What projects are you currently working on?Wanted Hunter

I’m in the process of editing the third book in my newest series Wanted and writing the fourth book.  The first book Wanted is free for a limited time on kindle, Smashwords and the other major retailers.

Do you have a book recommendation to share with us?

I like Lindsey Buroker’s Emperor’s Edge series.  One I’m enjoying now is MCA Hogarth’s Her Instruments series.  When I stop to think about it, I have a kindle reader full of books I’ve read in the last two years.  I just like to read.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

I think a couple of things I’ve learned from the local writers club.  One of the members speaks once a month on writing topics.  He’s been in the business for thirty plus years, so I think he knows what he’s talking about.  One of the things he said was to visualize your scene before you sit down at your computer.  Think about what the characters are doing, how they’ll be doing it, what it smells like, what the area looks like, in short make a movie of the scene in your head.  Then when you sit down, write the scene.  Don’t make any corrections until you have it all down.  The other good advice he gave was a picture of a dog sitting in a chair in front of the computer.  It said, “Sit!  Stay!”

Where can readers go to connect with you on social media or to buy your books?

My website is:  

My website has links to most of the retailers but here is a few:  Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

P7204661Terry Compton has raced stock cars, rode horses across the Scapegoat Wilderness, fished and hunted most of his adult life while trying to pay for these hobbies by working at several different jobs.  He is an Air Force veteran and served in the Air National Guard for several years.  Currently, he is the owner, chief welder and installer for an ornamental iron business.  Terry has made several award winning metal creations and is now turning this creativity to writing.

Terry loves to read.  Some of his favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Andre Norton, Poul Anderson, Robert Heinlein, Louie L’Amour, Zane Grey and Anne McCaffery.  Newly found ‘indie’ authors with e-books he enjoys are Lindsay Buroker, Joseph Lallo, M. R. Mathias, Brian Rathbone, L. J. Sellers, Dana Stabenow and Luke Sky Wachter to name just a few.

Terry currently lives in Montana with his wife and a dog who thinks she is a short furry people.


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Interview with Seumas Gallacher

Today, we’re celebrating the re-release of Seumas Gallacher’s novel, SAVAGE PAYBACK. I first met Seumas on his excellent blog. If you’re not already a follower, I suggest you subscribe. I’m happy to have Seumas here today to answer a few questions. Before we begin the interview, let’s have a look at SAVAGE PAYBACK:

front view SP

A series of coordinated lethal bomb attacks on a dozen jewelry stores in London’s West End drag former SAS officer, Jack Calder and his specialist security firm, International Security Partners, into a deadly mesh of murder and international drug running.

A black ops explosives expert, an ex-colleague turned renegade mercenary with a twisted lust for revenge, emerges from the past to join forces with a powerful and dangerous drug baron from Eastern Europe.

A major cocaine trafficker from South America compounds the threats as competitive turf issues straddle international territories.

Attacks close to home heighten the urgency for Calder and his team to find and deal with each of the three sinister adversaries in a final savage payback.

Available on Amazon:  US  |  UK  |  Canada  |  Australia 


Welcome, Seumas. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Bought my first ever laptop about 6 years ago to start typing the first Jack Calder crime thriller, one finger from each hand, which is still how I work. Just realised one day it was about time to give myself a kick in the butt and get on with writing a novel, any novel, just so I could say I’d done it. Now I can’t see myself not writing, either the novels and/or the blog.

Born Scottish, but travelled internationally in career spanning five decades and three continents. LUVVED every minute of it, and still do.

When did you begin writing?

Apart from the usual teenage scribbling of some poetry and short stories, I never got going until six years ago. I think the wait has lent a lot more depth and life experience to contribute to the credibility of my quill-scraping.

Can you tell us about your most recent release?

SAVAGE PAYBACK is the third in the series of a trio of former SAS commando officers who set up their own specialist security firm. During the protection of their clients interests , they rub up against international crime lords, drug pedlars, people traffickers, money launderers and more nice guys like that. They indulge their black operations skills in dealing with the various villains.

How did you get the idea for the book?

I was a corporate troubleshooter for many years. One of my engagements in the Far East required the constant use of an armoured car and armed body guards. They had been trained by a former SAS officer. That’s where the ideas stemmed from.

If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

How can you ask any literary parent to choose amongst their wee babies? I genuinely like all of them. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

All the main characters have their unique attractions for me, but one minor character appeared in the first novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY. He‘s Rico, a South American ‘facilitator’ for stuff  the main guys need in pursuit of the bad guys. He’s funny, but smart, and I hated having to write him out (I didn’t kill him, so he may return at some later stage).

What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Learning the basics about pace, balance, and relevance of the content in the narrative. Making the story ‘breathe’ by understanding the difference between passive and active technique.

What is your primary goal as an author?

As a writer, I want to continue to enjoy the buzz I’ve enjoyed since starting this entire trip. As a businessman, on the commercial side, like most authors, I wouldn’t say no to multi-million book sales, and a TV series and a Hollywood script!

What projects are you currently working on?

The fourth Jack Calder story in the series, KILLER CITY, is current Work-in-Progress, but I have ideas fomenting already for the fifth book.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Start right now to develop a strong presence on the social networks, particularly tying your channels in through an Author’s blog, and continue to do that regularly. Write, write, read, write, write. Enjoy it!


About Seumas Gallacher:

profileSeumas Gallacher was born in Clydeside, Govan in Glasgow and spent his formative teens in the idyllic Scottish Hebridean island of Mull. His career as a banker took him from Scotland to London for ten years and thence on a further  twenty-five year global odyssey through Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines in Asia. Along the way he metamorphosed into a corporate troubleshooter and problem solver. He came to the United Arab Emirates for a month in 2004 and has remained in Abu Dhabi ever since.

A late discoverer of the joys of writing, his first two novels, The Violin Man’s Legacy and Vengeance Wears Black have sold more than 70,000 copies. The third in the Jack Calder series, Savage Payback was launched in late 2013.

Seumas has become a strong proponent of the use of the social networking channels to reach and engage with a global readership market in the new age of self-publishing and eBooks. Seumas is a sought-after speaker and lecturer on how to develop productive online relationships. He was voted Blogger of the Year 2013.

Connect with Seumas:

Blog :
Twitter : @seumasgallacher
Facebook :
Email :







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Wicked Tides by Sean Kinsley

Wicked Tides by Sean Kinsley
A dark fantasy, hardcore action novel…

After intercepting a convoy containing crucial intelligence and decrypting the data, the Kionic Pirates now know their time of plundering the seas may come to an end. An alliance has been formed between the various factions they prey on. With little time to spare the Kionic Pirates begin their own defensive preparations which include sending out various special forces teams to perform recon and sabotage missions.

An area of the world that has not seen major conflict is about to erupt. Run by powerful politicians, kings, warriors, spherists, assassins and underground networks, chances for personal gain are rife. Spherists, people who are able to draw upon and control the energy of ethereal realms, are utilized in everything from encrypting information, communicating long distance, spying and contract killing.

Everything is about to go down and the Kionics are right in the middle of it.

One Kionic spec ops team, lead by Exphasia, a spherist, is sent to the city where she grew up. Followed by her brother Merritt and her hard-headed friend, Rezen, they soon learn that there is far more going on than initially perceived. Aided by an assassin, who partly shares in the Kionic’s own goals, they must recover as much intel as possible and destroy what they can before the Alliance fleet leaves dock.

And there’s something else…

Communication and other spherical activities are being scrambled and hampered by an unknown storm brewing over the mountains to the east. Something is wrong.

And Rezen’s nightmares are getting worse…

Buy Wicked Tides:

US –

UK –

Google ebooks:

About the Author:

Sean Kinsley was born in Reno, Nevada and is currently resides there. He was a host on a radio station for several months before switching to television. After high school, Sean had a public access TV show that ran for several years where he directed, acted and edited.

Moving on, he now provides artwork for websites and other various projects in addition to “Pick Me, Pick Me and Monte’s Lost Colony, a full color hardcover children’s book released in 2008. Wicked Tides is his first novel. Beyond writing, he would like to direct and make movies in the future.

Sean Kinsley is the author of the dark fantasy novel Wicked Tides and illustrator of the children’s book Pick Me, Pick Me and Monte’s Lost Colony. He has just recently finished the first draft of the sequel to Wicked tides called Wrathful Echoes. He appears on the radio frequently and does graphic on the side. He will begin writing his next novel in a few weeks while Wrathful Echoes goes through the publishing process.

Social Media Links:
Google+ Plus page:

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Meet John Holt

Today, I’m pleased to have John Holt here to visit with us. He’s recently released his seventh novel and he’s graciously agreed to an interview. Hello, John, and welcome back to Authors to Watch. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I live in Essex with my wife Margaret, daughter Elizabeth, and our cat Missy who adopted us. For many years I was a Chartered Surveyor in Local Government. In the nineteen seventies I was a Senior Project Manager with the Greater London Council, staying with them until 1986 when the organization was closed down. I then set up a surveying practice on my own account, carrying out condition surveys, and preparing architectural drawings. In 2004 I suffered a heart attack, and business declined. I eventually retired in 2008. I am currently being treated for a cancer, successfully I’m glad to say. I have an appointment with my oncologist and if the results continue to be good then we can stop the treatment.

That’s wonderful news, John. I’m happy to hear your treatments have been successful. When did you begin writing?

I came to writing quite late in life. I suppose, like a lot of people, I had always wanted to write a novel, but I could never think of a decent plot. Then in September 2005 we took a holiday in the Austrian Lake District. We stayed in Grundlsee, the first of three lakes. The second lake, Toplitzsee, is the deepest of the Austrian lakes, and was used by the German Navy during the war to test torpedoes and rockets. As the war came to an end many items were hidden in the lake, including counterfeit dollars, and pounds, weapons, jewellery, and there were rumours of hidden gold bullion. Since the war extensive searches have been carried and much has been discovered, but sadly no hidden gold. This gave me the inspiration for my first novel “The Kammersee Affair” which was first published in December 2006. I have subsequently written five novels featuring my private detective Tom Kendall, and a “what if” novel, “The Thackery Journal”, set during and just after the American Civil War.

I read and reviewed “The Thackery Journal,” and it far exceeded a five-star rating. I need to get caught up on my reading and delve into the Kendall novels. Can you tell us about Tom Kendall?

My second novel, “The Mackenzie Dossier” started life as a straight forward political corruption story. Then somebody got murdered. This was closely followed by a second murder. So who was there to solve the murders? The local police chief, perhaps. The problem was that he was heavily involved in the political corruption. So about a third of the way through the book I needed a private detective and hence came Tom Kendall. Kendall is unlike most literary detectives. He isn’t your tough guy macho man toting a gun. He doesn’t need fisticuffs and Magnum 44’s to fight injustice. He relys on logic, and deduction. Oh, and the help of his business partner, Mollie, not that he would ever admit that, or tell her. There’s a lot of me in Kendall. He has a wicked sense of humour, so do I. He is stubborn, and I guess I am too. Once he gets an idea into his head it would take an earthquake to shift it. He is a little over-weight, although would never admit it either, and he is not the fittest person on the planet.

What is Tom’s greatest challenge in your new book?

Although my latest book, “Kendall”, is the fifth to feature Tom, it is actually a prequel, and details how he started as a private detective and how he and Mollie teamed up. I suppose his greatest challenge in the book is to actually set himself up in business and earns a living. As he deals with this challenge he realizes that you can’t always have what you want, and it’s no bad thing to get help from other people.

How did you get the idea for the book?

As I said there came a time when I needed someone to investigate a murder or two, but, for reasons, could not rely on the police. I have also loved the old film noire movies – Humphrey Bogart, Edward G Robinson, and I had intended my detective to be a bit like Sam Spade. I am to the first to admit that in that regard I failed. I wasn’t able to re-create that style. Instead I think, I hope, that I have created my own original detective.

How has Tom Kendall evolved throughout the series?

Kendall has certainly learned a lot, especially the need to compromise some times, and also to listen to others. Mollie has been a great help to Kendall in many ways. Her interest in alternative medicines, her love of healthy foods, have all had an effect on Kendall. Although he would never admit me he relys heavily on Mollie.

If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

That’s a difficult one, because, obviously I want them to read all of my books. If I have to choose I would leave the detective novels to one side, and say please, please, take a look at “The Thackery Journal”, my American Civil War novel. As to reasons just take a look at the next answer.

As an author, what has been your greatest achievement?

That would have to be “The Thackery Journal”. This was a total departure from my normal Private Detective novels, and way outside my comfort zone. So much so that some people have asked why did I write it? That’s a good question, and like much in life the answer isn’t straight forward. I have always been fascinated by the American Civil War. A Civil War is the worst kind of war that there could be. A war that divided the Country and split communities: a war that put brother against brother, and father against son. A war where in reality there were no winners and the effects would be felt long after the war ended. But that in itself is hardly a reason for writing the book. I started to write “Thackery” four or five years ago. I had finished my first novel “The Kammersee Affair” in December 2006, and the first of the Tom Kendall stories, “The Mackenzie Dossier” had been published (as “The Mackenzie File” in August 2008). I began outlining my next novel, “The Marinski Affair”.

Somewhere along the line I got sidetracked. During my research into “The Kammersee Affair” (a story of hidden gold bullion) I found an item on the internet about a consignment of Confederate gold that had gone missing as the Civil War was coming to an end. The gold had, apparently never been found. I thought perhaps I could make up some kind of a story. The gold had obviously been stolen by someone, and I got to thinking how that person would feel as his pursuers caught up with him. Very quickly I had the makings of a fairly well developed final chapter. That chapter is now the last chapter of “Thackery”, and largely unchanged from when it was first written.

Like I said before, I’ve read and reviewed The Thackery Journal. Absolutely wonderful book. I highly recommend it. What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on another Kendall novel, set in Ireland. Very early days, and nothing like outlined. I am also working on a n adventure story based on a true 1931 story of a submarine that was intended to reach the North Pole under the ice. It never got there and was later found at the bottom of a Norwegian fjord. Once again early days. I have two or three beginning chapters, and the end. Now all I need is about 200 pages in the middle.

What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

There are a lot of rules out there, telling you how to write correctly. Don’t do this, don’t do that. The only rule I follow is basically forget about all of those rules. Oh don’t try to please people, it will never work. Some people will love what you do, others will hate it. So I just write to please one person, me. If I like it then that’s fine, if others like it that’s a bonus. Enjoy what you write, otherwise what’s the point. As soon as it becomes a chore then forget it

That is excellent advice. John, thank you again for joining us today. I wish you the best of luck with your new book. For those readers who would like to take a sneak peek at “Kendall,” please read on for an excerpt.


Tom Kendall had been with the 32nd Precinct, New York Police Department for just under ten years. But now he wanted a change. Now he wanted to start his own Private Detective Agency. He had grand ideas. He wasn’t interested in just any old case. Oh no, he would handle only the big time cases, the expensive ones. He would be able to take his pick, the ones that he wanted, where the stakes were high and so were the rewards. He knew exactly the kind of case that he wanted. Anything else would not do, and it would just be turned down flat. Although a standalone novel this is the fifth Tom Kendall novel.

Excerpt from “Kendall” by John Holt

Mikes Bar is located at 633 Collingwood, not far from Hatfield, close to the town square. It was fast becoming something of a habit for Kendall, home from home almost. The only difference was that Mike’s place was better furnished than his home. And as a bonus he wasn’t worried if it actually got a little dirty and needed cleaning. Furthermore he wouldn’t be worried if any repairs or decorating were required. All he really needed was somewhere warm and dry, and a bed to lie on, then his wants would be completely taken care of. And as an added bonus there would be no rent to pay. He wondered if maybe he could get Mike to consider providing something for him. He made a note to discuss it at an opportune moment.

Kendall found himself at Mike’s place at least three or four times a week. He wasn’t entirely sure how that had come about. It wasn’t that he was an alcoholic or anything like that. Oh sure, he enjoyed a drink now and again, and again, and again. But he could stop any time he wanted. His favorite was a scotch and water, although he could live without it – the water that is.

He had first started going to Mike’s just to pass the time. There was no work coming in and nothing to do, so whiling away a few hours in pleasant surroundings, and in convivial company, was quite enjoyable, and it kept him off of the streets. Then he soon realized that Mike’s wasn’t just somewhere to meet and get a drink. It was a good place for other reasons, acquiring information for example. Mike was a veritable encyclopedia. He knew practically everything that was going on locally. He knew who was doing what, and who they were doing it to. And he usually knew why they were doing it. If he didn’t know it, either it hadn’t happened yet, or it didn’t matter anyway.

It was early in the day, and the bar was virtually empty. It was dark inside, and it took a little while for Kendall’s eyesight to adjust after the bright sunlight. He glanced around. There were two men talking animatedly at the bar. Two other men were seated over in the far corner. There appeared to be no one else in the place. It was still early though. Another hour or so the lunch time clients would start to arrive, and then it would start to get busy.

Mike’s Bar

Mike was at the bar. A newspaper opened at the sports pages lay on the counter in front of him. He looked up as Kendall approached. “It’s a little early isn’t it Kendall,” he said as he glanced at the clock on the wall. Eleven twenty. “Even for you that is.”

“Don’t start, Mike,” Kendall replied. “I’m just having a bad day, that’s all.”

“You know my wife is beginning to complain,” said Mike. “She says that I see more of you than I do her.”

Kendall smiled and shook his head. “Don’t give me that Mike. I know, and you know, that’s she’s glad to see the back of you. Besides, she’s just jealous that’s all.”

“Jealous,” Mike repeated smiling.

“Yeah jealous,” said Kendall, as he hoisted himself on to a bar stool.

“Jealous of what?” asked Mike.

“Why you of course you big dope.”

“Jealous in what way?” asked Mike.

“She would like to see more of me,” replied Kendall.

“She’s got more sense than that,” Mike protested

“I’m not so sure,” said Kendall. “After all she married you didn’t she?”

“The best thing she ever did,” responded Mike. “Now enough of this, what can I get you, the usual?”

Kendall looked at him for a few moments. “Make it a double.”

“That’s what I said isn’t it, the usual?” replied Mike.

Mike poured the drink, and placed in front of Kendall. “So what’s new?”

“Well I’ve got the office sorted,” said Kendall. “And this came this morning.” He reached into his inside pocket and withdrew a small leather wallet. He placed it on to the counter, and opened it. Inside was a shining gold badge. “Badge number 1051, that says that I am now fully qualified as a licensed private detective,” declared Kendall.

“I’m impressed,” said Mike. “Who’s the guy in the picture?”

Kendall looked at the photograph inside the wallet. “Oh that’s my dad, Sergeant Brian Kendall, New York Police Department. He died a few years ago. I still miss him. You know there’s always so much you want to say when it’s all too late.”

Mike picked up the wallet. “Know what you mean. Good looking guy, hard to believe he’s your dad you look nothing like him,” he said as he handed the wallet back to Kendall.

Kendall ignored the comment, and replaced the wallet in his inside pocket,

“So you’re all set then,” Mike continued. “So what’s next?”

“I’m now looking for a secretary,” Kendall replied.

“You what,” said Mike. “You’re looking for a secretary?”

Private Detective’s Badge

“That’s right, that’s what I said, a secretary. So what’s so strange about that?”

Mike shook his head, and smiled. “Kendall do you really think you’ll find anyone to put up with you? I mean I do because I have to. I can’t very well throw you out now can I? Besides you pay me to stay here.”

Kendall looked hurt. “I’m your best customer,” he protested. “Without me you’d be forced to close down, and you know it. No one else would be seen dead in here.”

“Come on now Kendall,” Mike continued, ignoring the jibe. “I mean who in their right mind would want to work with you?”

“Oh I don’t know, I’m not that bad,” Kendall replied. “I’ll find someone, even if it kills me.” He finished his drink and pushed the empty glass toward Mike. “Do something useful will you?” he said. “Fill that up, same again.”

Mike did as requested, and placed the glass on the counter. “So how have you done so far?” he asked.

“Oh pretty good I’d say,” replied Kendall, lying through his teeth.

“So have you taken anyone on then?” asked Mike.

“Oh early days yet,” said Kendall. “I’ve seen some great candidates though. There were two this morning, both excellent, and both want the job. You know it will be a hard decision to make. One of them will be very disappointed I can tell you.”

Mike smiled. “Who would want you?”

“My mother loves me,” Kendall replied.

Mike shook his head. “You never had a mother,” he said and laughed. “Five will get you ten you won’t find anyone.”

“I’ll get someone don’t you worry about that, said Kendall. He took a drink. “So what’s new,” he continued, as he pointed to the newspaper.

Mike smiled and shook his head. “You mean apart from the game?”

Kendall nodded. It hadn’t been a game. It had been a massacre. “There should be a government health warning issued with games like that,” he said. “Watching can be detrimental to your health.” He took a drink. “Yes,” he continued. “Apart from the game.”

“Same old, same old, I’m afraid,” said Mike.

“Phone hacking,” said Kendall.

“Phone hacking, and phone hacking, and more phone hacking,” Mike replied. “What else?”

For several weeks phone hacking had been a major topic in every newspaper. Every day there were more revelations, more celebrities complaining that there had been an invasion of their privacy. And every day there had been the expected denials.

“I understand that they are also talking about hacking into emails now,” said Kendall.

“Any chance of some service?” a voice called out. It was a young man who had recently come in, and was now seated at the end of the bar.

Mike gave a cursory glance. “Be right with you.” He then turned back to face Kendall. “Emails,” he said sounding puzzled. “How on earth do they do that?”

“Don’t ask me,” replied Kendall. “I’ve only just found out how to send them.” He took a drink.

“Kendall” is available on Amazon:
Connect with John Holt:
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The Fixer by Rex Carpenter

The Fixer
Rex Carpenter

JC Bannister calls himself a solutionist. His clients call him a fixer. His enemies, a hitman for hire. For the right price, he’ll fix your problem.

A call comes in. A meeting in a bar. A contract is agreed upon. But when the contract is for killing a US Senator, Bannister’s problems are just beginning. Worst of all, JC thinks he’s being set up. But the why and the who is just out of his reach.
Bannister must find out who is behind the double-cross, complete the contract and satisfy his very powerful client before his solution changes the political future of the country. Or gets him and his entire team killed.

The Fixer is an explosive new thriller series by Rex Carpenter that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last body drops.

WARNING: The Fixer is for mature audiences. It contains strong language and violence. If it was a movie, it would be rated R. If it was on TV, it would be on cable. If it was an album it’d have a Parental… you get the picture.

Buy the Book:

About the Author:

Rex Carpenter was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. An English teacher, he loves snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, reading, watching good television as well as both good and bad movies and spending time with his wife and daughter. They currently live in Asia with a never-ending succession of guppy fish that Rex cannot manage to keep alive for more than a month.

Connect with Rex Carpenter:

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Interview with Marshall Stein

Today, we’re speaking with Marshall Stein. He’s here to speak with us about his novel, RAGE BEGETS MURDER. Here’s what one reviewer has to say about the book…

“Marshall Stein has pulled off an author’s tour-de-force in his debut novel. Set in and around Philadelphia, the city native son David Goodis turned into a jungle of noir, RAGE BEGETS MURDER follows the strangely intertwined destinies of two extended families–one Jewish, the other Italian–during the early years of dance-party television. Race relations clash with under-aged girls searching for any career path leading them out of their stifling neighborhoods and suffocating parents. The dialogue is crisp, clear, and dead-on for the period, making RAGE BEGETS MURDER a strong contender in the Best First-Novel sweepstakes.”
Jeremiah Healy, author of RIGHT TO DIE and SHALLOW GRAVES

Tricia: Welcome, Marshall. It’s great to have you here. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Marshall: I am a retired lawyer. Early in my career I was an Assistant United States Attorney in Boston, MA and later served as the Chief Staff Attorney for the First Circuit Court of Appeals [Federal courts in New England]. During 28 years in private practice I have tried both civil and criminal cases and argued appeals in state and federal courts on every level.

Since retiring from my law practice I have been selected for master level fiction workshops at Grub Street Writers in Boston, Massachusetts.

I currently live in suburban Boston with my wife.

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Marshall: I wrote some in high school and college, and returned to writing two years before retiring from law. Workshops at Grub Street Writers provided a setting for that return.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Marshall: RAGE BEGETS MURDER is set in 1950’s Philadelphia at the beginning of ‘teen-dance’ television. Here is a summary from the back cover:

“Naomi was all too aware of Varsity Dance, the 1950’s dance show that was a gold mine for everyone. Her father owned part of it; her husband David was the lawyer for the show, and her husband’s cousin, Eddie Greene, was the host. She also knew its dark side: Morris Chumsky, the gangster businessman; Sophia, who danced on the show and bewitched Eddie, and Sophia’s uncle, who was head of the Vice Squad and wanted Eddie dead.

It was just a matter of time until there were murders, investigations, and great personal loss for Naomi.

Enter the world of Rage Begets Murder where business, politics and crime intersect.”

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Marshall: I went to high school in a Philadelphia suburb at the time Bandstand successfully moved from radio to TV. The original DJ was accused of having an affair with a girl on the show. Two trials followed. It was a huge scandal. Dick Clark was brought in to save Bandstand. I have fictionalized these events and added a narrative of my own creation. The result is RAGE BEGETS MURDER.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

Marshall: Naomi. Because she evolves in the book. She reaches great depths, learns from this, and grows. I use flashbacks to show formative experiences in her early and later adolescence, as well as her adult years, so that the reader can understand how she became the woman she is.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Marshall: Sticking with it through numerous rewrites. I wrote a humorous blog on this process for my writing center. It was called “SUCCESS STORY: Grub Street, Endurance and Getting Published”

Tricia: What is your primary goal as an author?

Marshall: To write a page-turner, with memorable characters and scenes, and give a sense of the times in which the book is set. In short, to keep trying to write as well as Dashiell Hammett did in THE BIG SLEEP. I’ll not reach those heights, but the closer I get, the better my book.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Marshall: I’ve begun a sequel to RAGE BEGETS MURDER. I’m also working on a novel set in 19th century Germany involving an opera conductor, who was a descendant of generations of rabbis, and Richard Wagner, the anti-Semitic opera composer. The story turns on Wagner choosing the conductor to debut Parsifal, the most Christian of Wagner’s operas.

Tricia: What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Marshall: Get feedback on your writing from voices you respect. If there is a writing center where you live, sign up for workshops. Submit story length pieces to magazines. Do not give up if your writing is rejected. RAGE BEGETS MURDER, both as individual chapter submissions to magazines and as a total MS, was turned down dozens of times. I do not know of any published writer who has not had this experience. I had rejections from well-regarded magazines that were very encouraging: “I love the narrator’s voice”; “This is not a form rejection. You are encouraged to submit again.” Etc.

Do not be afraid to rewrite. RBM went through three major revisions. Hemingway wrote 32 versions of the last sentence of The Sun Also Rises.

Rejection, rewriting, and revision go with the territory.

Tricia: How have the reviews been?

Marshall: I’m very pleased.

“This was a fantastic murder suspense book. I found that I was drawn in by the history, characters and story all wrapped up in a package I couldn’t get enough of. . . . I loved how each character was so well-developed yet could still progress through the story. It was this infusion of humanity that made the story so believable.” The Book Maven Blog, 6/28/2013. For full review go to, Archives, June, 2013.

“A TV show reminiscent of ‘American Bandstand’ becomes a breeding ground for teenage prostitution, organized crime and bloody mayhem – a juicy premise triggering twists and turns in this murder mystery set in 1950’s Philadelphia. Stein, a retired attorney, wrings plenty of suspense from his exploration of a seamy demimonde during the not-so-innocent Eisenhower years.” Brandeis Magazine, Fiction Issue [August, 2013], On the Bookshelf

And here are some of the reader reviews on Amazon:

“This book is a classic crime thriller! The characters are gritty and fully developed. The descriptive passages are richly detailed.” Savannah Sue

“This is an absolute page-turner. It left me longing for more.” P. Saka

“I am a frequent mystery reader and I really loved this book.” Hummingbird

“I never read mysteries but this one held my attention from page one. Characters well developed and the story is riveting.” Vermontreader

Tricia: I know you have given readings and met with book groups in the metropolitan Boston area, where you live. Will you be doing anything outside of Boston?

Marshall: I will be a panelist at NoirCon in 2014. It is held every two years in Philadelphia. In 2012 it had such panelists/presenters as Joyce Carol Oates, Lawrence Block, Jonathan Kellerman, Thomas Perry and Jeremiah Healy.

Tricia: Where can readers go to learn more about your book or to purchase a copy.

Marshall: My website is It contains four separate pages, one of which has blogs on the historical background of RBM. I am on Linked In, Facebook, Amazon and Goodreads.

RBM can be bought online at Amazon, .

Tricia: Marshall, thank you so much for joining us today and for sharing the following excerpt with my readers.


“Miz Naomi, I wouldn’t go in there right now,” Liz warned me.

Her thin body was shaking.

“That Mister Chumsky is as mean as any Georgia cracker.”

“What’s going on?”

“Your daddy and some others are in there with Mister Greene, talkin’ about movin’ his radio show to TV. I brought in coffee, and Mister Chumsky said I was spying and that I should be fired.”

I walked into my parents’ dining room. Seated at the table were Daddy, Morris Chumsky, two men I did not know, and Eddie Greene. Eddie was my husband’s cousin and hosted a radio show that played colored and rock-a-billy music, Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis. It was very popular with teenagers. Eddie’s show was owned by the Karps. Maybe the fat man was Jay Karp. Daddy had money in it. He kept saying it was the best investment he ever made.

Morris had his back to me and did not hear me on the thick carpeting. He was facing Eddie. “It’s one thing to play the records, but something else to see the kids dancing to it. White kids at that. Philly’s got a big Catholic population. There’s already grumbling from some of the priests.”

“The way we’ll set it up will work,” Eddie said.

“Hi, Daddy.”

“Hi, Princess. What are you doing here?”

“I was driving over to see Rachel and thought I’d drop in while I was nearby.”

“Well, we’re having a business meeting right now.” Daddy ran his tongue across his bottom lip. He was nervous.

“Is there a problem with Liz?” I asked.

Morris swiveled around in his chair. “I told you to fire the schvartza. The sooner the better. I want her out of here now.”

“Maybe you should be the one to leave, sir,” I told Morris. “And please stop using that word. Liz has been with us for a long time.”

The skin drew tight on Morris’s face. He stood up. Daddy jumped between us and led me into the kitchen, closing the swinging door behind us.

He whispered, “You have no idea what you’re doing. Morris can be very dangerous.”

“Then why is he your friend? Why are you in business with him?”

Daddy asked if Mother was home. I told him she was out shopping.

“Take Liz and leave. Now! I’ve got to get back and apologize to Morris.” Daddy was pale and sweaty.

“Why?” I demanded.

He grabbed me by the arm and pushed me toward the door leading outside.

“Liz, come with me,” I told her. “You have a new job. In my home.”

When I turned around I saw Daddy from the rear in the now open space leading to the dining room. He took out his handkerchief and wiped his face. Then he disappeared, and I heard him say, “Morris, I’m sorry. I love Naomi, but she’s really a child. A thirty-eight-year-old child.”

Liz and I marched out of the kitchen and down the driveway to my car.

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Interview with Mandy White

Today, I’m thrilled to present Mandy White, author of several novels including The Feeder. I had the pleasure of reading The Feeder and posted my review yesterday. (If you missed it, click HERE.) Before we begin the interview, let’s have a look at the blurb for The Feeder.

The Feeder gives brutality a new meaning… Victims horribly mutilated, with parts missing and inserted in their mouths… An aspiring actress-turned-prostitute falls victim to the killer, leaving behind a grieving twin obsessed with revenge. Warning: Graphic violence and scenes of mutilation. Some readers may find the content of this book offensive. Read at your own discretion.

Tricia: Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Mandy: I’m a Canadian, born in British Columbia and raised on a farm in a small town. I currently live on Vancouver Island. I’m the outdoorsy type, and prefer the wildlife in the forest to any wildlife I’d encounter in a city.

Tricia: When did you begin writing?

Mandy: I’ve been writing stories ever since I was old enough to know how to write. It’s the only thing I’ve ever truly wanted to do my entire life.

Tricia: Can you tell us about your most recent release?

Mandy: The Feeder is a murder mystery/thriller novel about a pair of twins, one of whom finds herself in trouble in Los Angeles. The main character, Sammie, flies to Los Angeles to rescue Camille and bring her home but instead finds her dead and ends up being thrust into the role of serial killer in order to avenge her murder. The bloodbath that follows is violent, graphic and brutal – not for the squeamish.

Tricia: How did you get the idea for the book?

Mandy: Like my first novel, Avenging Annabelle, The Feeder started out as a flash-in-the-pan short story about 2000 words in length. It was more of a scene than a complete story, depicting a serial killer dressing up as a prostitute before hitting the streets to hunt for victims. It seemed to have potential to be more, so I used the short as a jumping-off point and went from there.

Tricia: If you could recommend just one of your books to my readers, which book would you choose?

Mandy: I would have to go with The Feeder, provided they are prepared for some blood and gore.

Tricia: Of all your characters, which one is your favorite? Why?

Mandy: Sammie is my favorite. This character is so complex and unusual – there’s an ongoing inner struggle between a soft, sensitive side that yearns for acceptance and a coldhearted, cynical side that gains satisfaction from punishing those who (in Sammie’s opinion) deserve it.

Tricia: What was the most challenging aspect of writing your book?

Mandy: The most challenging aspect of writing this book was keeping certain details about Sammie hidden from the reader until about halfway through the story. For the same reason, it’s difficult to discuss Sammie in much detail with someone who hasn’t read the book yet.

Tricia: I understand. It made it challenging to write a review as well, but you did a splendid job keeping up the suspense in this novel. What is your primary goal as an author?

Mandy: My primary goal as an author is to write the type of books I’d enjoy reading. I aspire to entertain readers like myself, who like edgy stories and unexpected twists. If I can do that while earning a comfortable income from my work, then I consider myself to be a successful author.

Tricia: What projects are you currently working on?

Mandy: I am currently working on a sequel to The Feeder, so we haven’t seen the last of Sammie yet. The sequel, tentatively entitled Fed Up, takes place in the main character’s home city of Vancouver, BC. Sammie’s murderous past resurfaces along with a threat of blackmail that sets off a new adventure. It promises to be every bit as brutal as the first book, with some changes in the instruments of murder. There is also romance on the horizon for Sammie – there’s an ideal mate for everyone, even serial killers.

I’m also working with a very talented group of writers known as Writers, Poets and Deviants (WPaD for short). We publish anthologies in various genres, donating half of royalties to Multiple Sclerosis-related charities in support of members of the group who live with MS. We have done four to date, the most recent being a fantasy collection entitled Dragons and Dreams. Next in line is a holiday-themed collection to be released in November, followed by a post-apocalyptic one and a second volume to Creepies, our popular horror collection.

Tricia: I’m glad to hear there’s going to be a sequel to The Feeder. What advice would you offer to new or aspiring authors?

Mandy: Don’t let anyone discourage you if writing is what you want to do. If you want to self-publish your work, then go ahead and do so, but be wise and research the process ahead of time. Hire an editor and a cover artist to ensure you are putting out your very best. If you feel that the only way to be a “real” author is to find a publisher to do everything for you, go into it well informed to avoid getting scammed. The publishing industry is rife with predators waiting to prey upon star-struck authors who will sign anything without reading the fine print.

Have realistic expectations right from the start – understand that publishing is not a get-rich-quick scheme, regardless of whether you are an indie or have a publisher. You may be a good writer, even a great one, but so are plenty of others. That alone will not necessarily sell books.

Earning a living with your writing is a very attainable goal, even if you don’t become famous. Be prepared to learn. Seek out the people who are succeeding at what you want to do – that is, authors who are earning a living with their writing. LISTEN to what these people have to say and learn from them. You will learn things you didn’t even know you needed to learn.

And finally, read as many books as you can. The more you read, the better you will write. But – the first book you should read is Let’s Get Digital by David Gaughran. That book is like the Bible of self-publishing and I recommend it to every aspiring author I meet because it answers all of the questions they have.

To learn more about Mandy White and her novel, please visit the following links:
Buy a copy of the Feeder on Amazon:
Hollywood Hunk Feeder’s Latest Victim
(An Excerpt)

The headline screamed up at me from the morning edition of the LA Times. I scanned the front page article then tossed the paper aside in disgust. “Victim” was what they called him. They made no mention of all the women he had victimized. Some were little more than children – starstruck teenagers enthralled at being in the presence of what they mistook for greatness. Being one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men apparently gave the scumbag license to abuse women without fear of consequences.

I had researched my victim while making preparations to take him and what I had learned was revolting. Dirk Davis was not a nice person at all. I already knew this from what I’d read in Cammie’s journal but one didn’t need to look far to learn more about the sick son-of-a-bitch.

It seemed Dirk had some nasty fetishes that he indulged with any woman unlucky enough to find herself in his company on a one-on-one basis. His sick little sex games resulted in permanent scars for his victims, both of a mental and of a physical nature. A handful of Dirk’s victims came forward and tried to press charges against him, with shocking tales of the sadistic things the Tinseltown bad boy had done to them.

Roofie rapes were his standard M.O. but he hadn’t been satisfied with just having sex with them. The ones who remembered their ordeals and had the courage to talk told tales of horror. They experienced rape with foreign objects, cigar burns and mutilations to the most sensitive parts of the body, the genitalia in particular…

Victims with the courage to testify were torn apart in court by Dirk’s lawyers. A celebrity with his kind of cash and status had no trouble assembling a ‘dream team’ of legal defense that made OJ’s team look like a pack of baboons. After discrediting and reducing to tears one victim after another, Dirk walked away a free man every time. He didn’t pay a dime of settlement to any of his accusers. His victims’ lives were ruined after having endured what they did at Dirk’s hands and then getting mentally raped again by his dicksnot lawyers.

Toward the end, Dirk had felt all of their pain. I had made damn sure of that. He deserved what he’d gotten and I felt no remorse for what I’d done. I had enjoyed every second of it.

So now, I was apparently the serial killer known to the Los Angeles media as “The Feeder”. Nobody had the faintest idea that I was a mere copycat of the real killer.

An eerie nickname it was; bringing up mental pictures of one who feeds upon his or her victims’ remains. I was reminded of the ritual performed by ancient Native American hunters following a successful kill. They gutted the animal, typically a bison, and passed the fresh liver around. Each hunter took a bite in celebration of the kill. I’d tried it once before, after killing a moose. I found it a little weird but not the worst thing I’d ever tasted. I could see it being palatable once a person acquired a taste for it.

I admit I had been curious, but resisted the urge to taste my human victims. We were such a repulsive species – riddled with drugs, toxins and social diseases. Thinking about it made me feel ashamed to be human but then, I was no stranger to shame.

I had sliced a couple of small pieces off of Dirk and kept them, not as souvenirs or late-night snacks or anything – that would be sick. I kept them as insurance, for when I located Camille’s killer. The real Feeder would be made accountable for the things both he and I had done.

Another player in my sister’s miserable life was dead. I should have been satisfied but there was still one more out there. A ruthless murderer (besides me) was still walking around free, thinking he’d gotten away with killing my sister, some guy at the White Surf motel and lord only knew how many others.

I stared into the bathroom mirror, analyzing the solemn face that gazed back at me. Camille looked tired and sad… so sad. I had failed her. I was exhausted, mentally as well as physically. I had nothing left inside. Part of me just wanted to turn and walk away from this pointless vendetta and go home. I could be on a plane within hours, back to Canada where I could resume my normal life and put the killing behind me.

No, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t bring myself to leave while Camille’s killer still lived, unpunished and free to kill again. As long as he was free, I never would be. I had to find that nipple-slicing psycho and finish him before I could allow myself to return home. If I didn’t stop him, more would die – of that I was certain. More women who were beloved sisters and daughters… more innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I felt a responsibility not only to the ones who were dead by his hand due to my interference but also to the ones whose lives might be saved if I intervened just once more.

The problem was, I had run out of clues. The rest of the names in Cammie’s journal all seemed to be dead ends.

The only thing left to do was draw on my own personal experience and utilize what skills I had.

I was an excellent hunter. Regardless of whether I was after ducks, deer, moose or bear, I seldom returned home from a hunt empty-handed.

I knew that when a trail went cold the hunter needed to go to where the prey was most likely to be found and possibly lure it with bait. The most logical hunting ground in Los Angeles would be the area where Cammie was staying before she was killed.

I would go trolling for the fucker, using the best bait ever: Camille.

As I pulled on my fishnet stockings and clipped the garter belt around my slender hips, I daydreamed back to a time not so long ago when I wasn’t a killer; back to a time when I still had a twin sister. The stubborn ache in my chest refused to fade, following me every day as I pined for Camille and seethed with outrage at her murder.

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