Another Night Touched Teaser


You can grab a copy of Celine (Book 1 in The Night Touched Chronicles) on Amazon:

Also, if you’re looking for some fresh, new, vampire-rific reads, you might want to check out A Very Vamp-y Valentine’s Party hosted by authors Joleene Naylor and Maegan Provan. Mark your calendars for Saturday February 11th and join the party on Facebook:



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Red Wine and Roses For Sale!!!

Check out this book feature on Misty’s blog! She is featuring Red Wine & Roses by Ellie Mack.

Hello, Readers!

While I am an avid horror/psychological thriller/fantasy writer. I have many friends in other walks of the journey. Currently, my best friend, Ellie Mack, has one of her novels on sale. For a limited time, Red Wine & Roses will be on sale for $1.99. This sale ends on Wednesday so don’t wait to purchase yours today.

Still not rushing out to buy it? Let’s take a closer look at the novel to see what is happening.



Julia Mathers has had bad dates, but the blind date for a New Year’s Eve party takes the cake. Derek Snow, a sexy ambitious lawyer has definite plans for his future and a relationship is the furthest thing from his mind. From their first meeting, the fireworks fly as the embers of passion ignite into a blazing inferno. Until Derek’s ex, a fashion model, has designs of her own.


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Review: A Lucky Day by Carlos J. Server

A Lucky Day gets a rave review!



I was kindly sent a free ARC copy of this book by the author Carlos J. Server.  A Lucky Day is a comedy novel originally published in Spanish.  The book was a finalist in the first Amazon indie literary prize for Spanish authors and I can see why it became a best seller in Spanish.  This book has just been translated into English and is officially being released everywhere in English on the 7th February, here is my review.

When the largest prize on the Euromillions is won by somebody in the small village of Sainte Marie d’Azur in France, there’s a race to find out who has the winning ticket and to cash it in time.  But will the winner even come forward to claim the prize, and what will happen when the village find out who it is?

‘A Lucky Day’ is such a funny book I can’t…

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Beldren – Cover Reveal

A new short story by Joleene Naylor! You can read it FREE on Smashwords!

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

It’s here! The new cover for Beldren’s Tale of the Executioners!


The year is 1687 in the fourth Tale of the Executioners. Beldren, a former indentured servant, suffers the same fate as many others of his kind – the promised land and money never materialized, despite having done their time. When Matthias suggest they take their due, Beldren is skeptical, but what else does he have to do? It’s a choice he may live to regret.

FREE on Smashwords!

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Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Author Update – Kevin Morris, Jane Dougherty and Judy E. Martin

It’s a triple feature on Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore! Catch up with three amazing authors!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

Sally's Cafe and Bookstore Update

DallianceWelcome to the Cafe and Bookstore author update and delighted to bring news of author and poet Kevin Morris’s latest project.  He has recorded a CD of thirteen of his poems from his collections which include the following:

 Fire  –   My Old Clock I Wind  –   Leaf  –  Leaves Blown At Night  –   Lost  –  Ethereal –  Waltz – The Poet and the Workman  – There Was A Young Man Called Rory – There Was A Young Lady Called Flair – There Was A Young Lady Called Anna – When  –  Dalliance.

This CD is available currently exclusively from Kevin Morris and he has set aside a number of copies for anyone who feels they can offer an honest review of his work and you can contact him on the following email.

newauthoronline (at) gmail dot com

Two reviews for Kevin’s Poetry

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Review: The Ragnarok Saga – The Rusted Crown by W. H. H. Baker

The Rusted Crown receives an outstanding review on Happy Meerkat Reviews!



I was kindly sent a free paperback copy of this book by the publisher Austin Macauley for a review.  The Ragnarok Saga: The Rusted Crownis an epic fantasy novel based around Norse mythology, here is my review.

When the Norse world comes to an end, one Valkyrie, Skjarla, is cursed to survive.  With the world remade by the Dark goddess Hel, Skjarla is alone.  Immortal and set to wander the world for centuries she finally arrives in the small northern town of Lonely Barrow, a town about to be invaded by monsters.

‘The Rusted Crown’ is the first book in ‘The Ragnarok Saga’ and is such a good book I was engrossed for many days reading it.  At a little under 400 pages this book really is an epic story and was easy to get into.  The story starts off in the old Norse world of Asgard, when all…

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It’s here!

A wonderful new book of short stories by Jane Dougherty.

Jane Dougherty Writes

The technical glitch is sorted and Tales from the Northlands is up and running. It’s a 99c/p volume so it won’t break the bank, and if you enjoy stories, you’re in for a treat, because no one could tell stories better than the Norsemen, and though I’m not a Norseman, you might be able to forget that when you’re reading them.


Just to repeat myself, this is what they’re all about..

These five short stories are set in the Northlands: a modern Swedish department store, the windswept east coast of Anglo-Saxon England, and the fjords of Viking Sverige.

A rickety wooden escalator carries a child from his safe, comfortable world of department store Christmas glitter to the midnight zone inhabited by legendary nightmares.

On the windswept east coast of Northumbria, a Saxon thegn avenges his murdered chief by selling his village to the sea wolves, and a ruthless war leader…

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The Very True Legends of Old Man Wickleberry and his Demise

Amaranthine by Joleene Naylor

With the approach of Valentine’s Day the world is full of romance; roses, hearts, lovey-dovey pap. Blech! Or that’s what Ol’ Man Wickleberry would say! Are you tired of the love? The sex? The pink and red bedecked covers? Do you crave something different? Something funny? Something ghostly? Then look no further!

The Very True Legends of Ol’ Man Wickleberry and his Demise are here just in time! And they are FREE on Smashwords! and available on Amazon*


Ol’ Man Wickleberry is a man of legend – or is he a legend of a man? With a scruffy beard and a dislike for humanity, how long has it been since he met his demise, and what is he doing in his ghostly afterlife? The stories may differ, but all of them are true. We swear. So if you’re ever wandering alone in the woods at night, and find you’re…

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Shades of Gray: A Teaser!


You can grab a copy of Shades of Gray (Amaranthine Book 1) on Amazon:

(Can’t beat the price. The first book is FREE!!!)

Also, if you’re looking for some fresh, new, vampire-rific reads, you might want to check out A Very Vamp-y Valentine’s Party hosted by authors Joleene Naylor and Maegan Provan. Join the party on Facebook!


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Celine: A Teaser!


Harper Kemp had long believed that she was the last Night Touched in modern times. With the help of her friends, Lily and Jason, she learned to accept what she was, and even blend into the world of the New York City elite. A please from her dreams and a forbidden romance send Harper on a path of discovery, love, and difficult decisions.

Silas Foster had just caught a huge break after a hunt and kill order turns into a major discovery. Little did he know that what he’d found was going to change everything. Determined to please the higher ups, Silas only has one road block, and she is everything he’s ever dreamed of.

Celine Mai was still very young when she’d been turned. Her previous love of vampire novels and cheesy T.V. were helping her navigate the dark world of being a vampire, or so she thought. After being detained, Celine had to find a way out, or die.

Celine is available on Kindle. It’s free if you are on the Kindle Unlimited program:

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