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The Missing Baby Star: A Review

Hollywood Hearsay 1: The Missing Baby Star

By Barbara Morgenroth


It’s 1933. America is in the Great Depression. Prohibition is still the law of the land.
When hard news reporter, Caro James, reveals the secret life of a politician in New York City, much to her dismay, The New York Sentinel newspaper sets out to teach her a lesson about the rules of journalism. They send her to Los Angles to write fluff pieces on the film industry.

The contact in Hollywood who is supposed to guide her for the week of punishment, is the handsome and unpredictable movie director, Sugar McLaughlin. Now, with a young, beautiful starlet missing for two weeks and in great danger, Caro and Sugar must find June Fowler before she is lost forever. When the one person who knows what happened to June is murdered, Caro and Sugar can’t help but think they’ve reached a dead end. As Sugar knows, every story has an Act III and Caro is in for the ride of her life as they race to find the starlet.

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My Review: When New York City reporter Caro James is sent to Los Angeles to cover the glitz and glam of Hollywood, she braces herself for an unpleasant week. As a reporter of serious news, she doesn’t relish the idea of writing articles about starlets and hairstyle tips. When she comes upon a story involving a possible missing actress, she suddenly finds that a week in Hollywood isn’t quite long enough – not if she’s going to get to the bottom of a mystery and help uncover the truth about the missing Baby Star. With Sugar McLaughlin by her side, she bravely navigates the glamorous world of Hollywood (and the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles) while maintaining her sense of humor and passion for finding the truth.

The Missing Baby Star is a historical mystery set in Great Depression-era Hollywood. With a fast-paced plot, atmospheric setting, and clever dialogue, this story is a page-turner. Caro is a witty, quick-thinking reporter who makes smart, logical decisions. Her Hollywood contact, Sugar McLaughlin, a highly respected director, has great chemistry with Caro. Their clever banter is one of the great highlights of this book. It’s rare to find a book that makes you laugh and grip the edge of your seat, all in the same chapter.

Overall, this story is a fine gem. It’s well-written with brilliantly-crafted characters. I certainly hope the author plans to write additional books featuring Caro and Sugar. The Missing Baby Star is a winner!

My Rating:

5 star


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A Taste of You: Book Review

A Taste of You
By Barbara Morgenroth
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Pastries, chocolates, overwhelming desires, duct tape and kidnapping.

Bel Miller’s life is French pastry and she wants to be left to her passion without distraction. Ash Lau, #1 lawyer on cable TV, has no intention of leaving Bel alone. One taste was all it took to convince Ash there is no life for him without her. For Bel, a man in her life would be like pouring water into melting chocolate—instant seize. Kicking herself every step of the way, Bel’s not immune to Ash’s charm onslaught and finds herself uncontrollably melting into him.

Ash’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t feel so exey and won’t give him up. She has a reputation as Sizzle McFizzle to consider.
Add a fan who will do anything to have a man she’s never met and the results are a holiday season worthy of the gossip pages.

Three women. One man. What doesn’t go wrong?

Note: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

My Review: Bel isn’t looking for a new relationship or a thriving business, but her sister, Viva, is determined to kickstart both her catering company and her love life. Add a heaping helping of Ash, the sexy, intelligent lawyer who has his own news show; his scandalous ex who won’t let go; a stalker; and Molly, the pushy ‘friend’ with the alternative lifestyle. Bel’s bland life is about to get spicy.

This is a very fun book. Full of intelligent dialogue, likable (and unlikable) characters, and a romance that leaps off the page, A Taste of You is a definite must-read. I adored Bel. Logical and reasonable, Bel has a firm set of values, though she’s not a stick-in-the-mud. She hardworking, but not overly ambitious. She’s trusting without being stupid. In short, she has very clear ideas of where she wants to go in life and she’s not willing to sacrifice her morals to achieve her goals. She wants a peaceful, normal life.

Unfortunately, her love interest is embroiled in a not-so-peaceful scandal involving his boss’s daughter. Even though Ash annoys Bel at first, she finds herself drawn to him. As they get to know each other at a cerebral level, the chemistry between them kept me turned the pages, anxious to see how Bel and Ash would overcome their problems. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance with a dash of humor. I loved this book!

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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